So Louie and I Threw a Birthday Party

If you’ve read my posts about Louie you know the title of this post does not mean I had a good time. I’m pretty sure Louie did, though.

If you haven’t read about Louie yet, you really should. Go ahead. I’ll wait right here until you get back.

Meet My Little Friend OCD Louie

Do You Ever Wonder About A Blogger’s Gender?

Pebbles turned another year older recently. I announced, very firmly because I know Louie is always listening, even when he pretends he’s not, “This year I’m keeping the birthday party low-key. I’m definitely not going overboard. I’m going to ignore any helpful advice from Mr. You Know Who.”

As an aside, I have no idea why my OCD is male or why he sounds (in my head) like comedian Louie Anderson. But it is and he does. And, as often happens, I digress.

Yep. I had everything planned. Decided. I was prepared for low-key. Simple. Easy-peasy birthday party planning.

There would absolutely not be an all-night birthday cake decorating marathon this year.

No over-the-top decorations. They always get thrown away, anyway, right? Ridiculous!

And there was simply no need whatsoever for elaborate gift bags for the party attendees to take home. Because, like The Rock always attempts to remind me, “Kids don’t care. They’re just gonna eat the candy and throw the rest of that junk away.”

(See why I call him The Rock? He’s sensible and steady like that. Keeps me grounded. When I have the sense to listen to him, that is.)

In case you’re wondering “Why would she mention these things? Is this something she’s been known to do in the past?” the answer is YES! YES! YES!

Because Louie always sticks his nose where it isn’t wanted. Because Louie always gets my OCD stirred up. Because Louie loves birthday parties! And because, more than parties, Louie loooves watching me go waaay over the top planning and preparing! Why?! I have no idea. I just know he does.

So I tried my best to ignore him this time. I truly thought I could resist. But guess what? I couldn’t and I didn’t. I admit it. I’m helpless when it comes to resisting my nagging, whining companion, OCD Louie. And this time I’m pretty sure he and Pebbles were in cahoots.

Every possible easy birthday cake idea I presented to Pebbles was complicated by her elaborate, over-the-top ideas for what she was absolutely certain I could produce.

Now, while I am flattered that Pebbles truly believes I can throw together a cake mix, some frosting and a bit of food coloring and produce. . . .

. . .this . . .or this . . .or this
photo of an awesomely realistic Optimus Prime Transformer birthday cake photo of someone's realistic Minecraft grass block birthday cake twenty Minecraft themed birthday cupcakes

. . . .the actual truth is that I cannot nor will I ever be able to. And nothing I said could persuade her otherwise.

(You’ve probably deduced from her cake choices that Pebbles is not a girly-girl. No Barbies or Disney princesses for this kid. It’s Minecraft, Transformers and Ben 10 all the way for her. Which I personally think is kinda cool. But again, I digress.)

No matter what I said, bless her sweet little heart, Pebbles came back with, “No. Look. It’s really easy. All you have to do is yada yada yada yada.”

Clearly Louie had gotten to her. And while I clearly did not want to disappoint her with a crappy cake, Louie was clearly going to have to shut the heck up. Because clearly none of those fancy cakes were going to be made by me.

Unfortunately, this fact was clear to everyone but Pebbles. And big mouthed Louie, of course.

So, because I love this little girl with all my being, I gave it my best shot. I really did.

I went out and bought fondant. Which I truly believe was invented by the Devil. To make mothers who can’t decorate birthday cakes feel like total losers when they see the confectionery masterpieces produced by other mothers for their little urchins’ birthday parties.

Then, dissatisfied with what clearly did not taste homemade, I began considering making my own fondant. Or what I like to call Devil Frosting.

Yes, I did what I swore I wouldn’t do. I stayed up 3 whole nights surfing the web for fondant recipes. And birthday cake ideas. Yep. Louie did it to me again.

As usual, I totally exhausted myself. And was beside myself on the actual day of the party when, with a mere few hours until party time, I still had only crumb-coated the birthday cake.

That was when I started to panic.

Louie wasn’t making things any better with his smug comments. “Ya see? I told ya to start sooner, didn’t I? Ya know, you always do this. You really should have asked my advice much sooner.”

Fortunately, dear, sweet Pebbles came to my rescue by announcing that she’d like to decorate the cake by herself. With Legos. Of course! Legos!!

photo of a beautiful pile of colorful legos

The perfect birthday cake decorations! They’re colorful. They’re plentiful. And best of all, I don’t have to do anything with them. Because Pebbles is the Lego master in our household.

Hey, Louie. Why didn’t you think of that, huh? Mr. Big-Idea-Man. Pfft!

I was so mad at OCD Louie by this point that I decided to really show him who’s boss. I refused. . . .that’s right, I REFUSED to acknowledge his whiny protests that a party simply isn’t a party without decorations.

The fact that we were having the party outside, on a windy day, and I’d already decided against decorations was beside the point.

What really mattered, at least in that one small area, was that I had triumphed over Louie!!

I may have mildly gone overboard with the treat bags, though.

And in case you’re wondering how Pebbles Lego cake turned out here’s a photo.

Pebbles with her Lego birthday cake

Oh sure, it wasn’t the culinary masterpiece that I envisioned she was surely envisioning. It’s possible that I misunderstood what she really wanted. (That would be OCD Louie’s fault, not mine.)

But Pebbles had a blast decorating that cake. And it had her own little touches all over it.

Like the icing that was frothing forth from the Lego figures mouths. Which I mistakenly assumed was puke.

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