Her Compliments Went Downhill as the Day Wore On

Recently Pebbles told The Rock, “I hope I’m just like you when I grow up.”

One of the absolute BEST EVER compliments a parent can hear from their kid.

The Rock: Really? Why?

Pebbles: Because you’re funny. I hope I’m funny like you. And you play with me and you’re kind and you’re a good daddy. That’s how I wanna be when I grow up.

(Cue the “awwwws” now.)

The Rock: Thank you. I’m glad you want to be like me. I think you’ll be a good mommy.

Pebbles: Yeah. But I hope I don’t look like you . . . (long pause) . . . I mean, I think you’re handsome. I just don’t wanna be handsome.

So I’m pretty sure everything she said was a compliment.

At least we have confirmation that she doesn’t have gender-identity issues. For now.

Later, in the car coming home from Wal-Mart Pebbles told me, “You’d be really cute if you were a dog.”

Um. I’m not even sure how a person is supposed to respond to that.

Then, as we pulled into our driveway she told The Rock, “Daddy, if you want to sing it’s okay ’cause I just won’t listen. I really don’t like your songs.”

So I’m thinking that one true compliment per day is her max.

About Mai Stone

“A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs…jolted by every pebble on the road.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher ~ A sense of humor is essential for surviving the pebbles on life’s road. Especially when they’re the size of boulders.
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