What Do Blog Stats Say About My Readers?

My WordPress Stats page tells me that over the past week the most popular topics in my blog, in the following order, have been:

1) evil
2) crazy
3) psychotic
4) delusional
5) Charles Manson
6) sociopath
7) psychopath
8) murder groupies
9) prison marriage
10) manipulation
11) family
12) parenting
13) kids who scream
14) grandparents as parents
15) stay at home mom
16) gun show
17) brass knuckles
18) toy weapons
19) Sensory Processing Disorder
20) special needs
21) meltdown
22) sensory overload

Aside from the normal topics about parenting, family and special needs (none of which ranked as high as the scary, crazy categories) I can’t help but wonder, “What the heck sort of audience have I attracted?” and “Should I be concerned?”

About Mai Stone

“A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs…jolted by every pebble on the road.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher ~ A sense of humor is essential for surviving the pebbles on life’s road. Especially when they’re the size of boulders.
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8 Responses to What Do Blog Stats Say About My Readers?

  1. Julianne Boyle says:

    Be afraid be very afraid. lol 🙂

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  2. Underdaddy says:

    Wow you have twenty two distinct readers? I think half of mine are older family members who keep hitting the back button instead of using the menu on the side.

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  3. ROFLOL imagining this happening.


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