Why Attorneys Are Reluctant to Put Children on the Witness Stand

Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

My mom says it's bad to swear.

Several months ago Pebbles and I were spending a few days visiting my parents. While they were out one day their handyman showed up to do some minor repairs.

Pebbles decided to check up on Handyman Kevin as he went about the house fixing things here and there.

Pebbles: My daddy has tools like those.
Handyman Kevin (who was really very nice and so patient with her): Really?
Pebbles: Yeah. He can fix lots of stuff.
HK: Well, it sounds like you have a smart daddy.
Pebbles: He is. But he’s not really my daddy. I just call him that.
HK: Oh. Why is that?
Pebbles: He’s really my grandparent (What? When did she start using that word? I don’t even know.) But I call him daddy. And that lady in there is my mommy, but not my real mommy. They’re both my grandparents but I call them mommy and daddy.
HK: Well, aren’t you lucky to have such good grandparents. Do you live with them?
Pebbles: Yeah. My mommy died.
HK: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.
Pebbles: I was two when she died so I don’t remember her. I was seven-and-a-half when Larry died.
HK: Who’s Larry?
Pebbles: He’s my real daddy. (WHAT?! NO HE’S NOT! Should I intervene?)
HK: Oh, I’ll bet you really miss him.
Pebbles: Not really. He was a bad daddy. He used to slap me when I was a baby.

==> OKAY. NOW it’s time to intervene. ==>

Me (yelling from the other room): Pebbles. Larry isn’t your daddy. He’s your uncle. And he never slapped you.
Pebbles: Oh yeah. Larry’s my uncle. He was nice. But my real daddy was a bad daddy. He slapped me when I was a baby so my real mommy divorced him.

Some explanation is in order here:

  1. Pebbles’ daddy is a bad daddy because he’s a deadbeat dad.
  2. However, he never slapped, hit or abused Pebbles.
  3. He was abusive to Pebbles’ mommy, though, which is why she left him.
  4. But she didn’t divorce him. Because they were never married.
  5. Pebbles doesn’t know any of these facts.
  6. So where the heck did she get all of this?
  7. I have no earthly idea.
  8. I’m pretty sure Pebbles adheres to the maxim, “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

So you see, this is a prime example of why attorneys are reluctant to put children on the witness stand.

And I don’t blame them. At all. Do you?

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9 Responses to Why Attorneys Are Reluctant to Put Children on the Witness Stand

  1. Miss C says:

    Yes, tnats exactly why. 🙂

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  2. Agent_BEAN says:

    my mom says its bad to swear too

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