Dadmissions: The Kardashianization of Society

This my first time to reblog a post, so let’s see if I do it right.

Dadmissions hit the nail on the head with this post about false beauty and its effect on impressionable young minds.

Pete Wilgoren

The Kardashianization of our society could derail the self confidence of a whole generation of girls. It’s THAT serious. We have spent so much time recently talking about broad backsides and exaggerated assets and oiled-up photo shoots. We have prized false beauty over true beauty and it needs to stop.

False beauty is born out of photoshop and magazine covers and rises to stardom out of reality TV, web clicks, and stage moms. It seems shiny and glossy and indeed it is popular. But even the shiniest car eventually rusts away. False beauty is no different.

True beauty is born in the smallest of details… a confident voice… a hopeful demeanor… a willingness to make the world a better place. True beauty can be brains. True beauty can be brawn. True beauty doesn’t make headlines on magazine covers or centerfolds. But it should. True beauty glows bright and never fades.

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