Please Be Careful What You Share

Some parents worry me. Really, really worry me.

I’ve seen blogs and public Facebook and Instagram accounts that have allowed me, with minimal effort, to figure out where a person lives, how many kids they have and the gender and age of the kids.

I’m not a trained sleuth and yet I now know from casual browsing some of these childrens’ favorite foods, activities and TV shows. I know whether or not they’re home alone sometimes. I even know the first and last names of some kids.

As proud parents, we love to share photos of our offspring, their accomplishments, the cute and funny things they do. And the electronic age, with all its nifty devices, makes it super easy to do so without giving much thought to the possible consequences.

Fortunately, most people are good. Most people are too busy with their lives to do more than quickly browse through the information they come across on the internet.

But most people aren’t the ones parents need to protect their children from. There are some terrifyingly evil people among us. Sexual predators, pedophiles, who prey on children. Maybe your children.

Seeing this image got me thinking about writing this post.

too much information on bumper stickers can be dangerous

Privacy and anonymity, online and otherwise, should be carefully guarded like the precious commodity it is.

Please give some serious thought about what you reveal online about your family, especially your children, and who you allow to have access to it.

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6 Responses to Please Be Careful What You Share

  1. scifihammy says:

    You are right! It makes you wonder sometimes the amount of info shared about kids. I remember seeing children with their school bags, and name and phone number printed in large writing on the outside. You can never be too careful.

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  2. Daniel He hetianding says:

    I agree. Sometimes, if a person is not careful about what they share, online or otherwise, it can lead to serious problems. As you said, most people are good and are not going to poke around you account to find out your personal information, but that is only most. There are still some people out there that do these things. Being careful about what you share is always a good idea.

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  3. cookiesdad says:

    Ugh. Think about all of those bank security questions: first pet, first street, first teacher, first… Everything would be on some parent’s blog.

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