Wanna Play a Game?

When Pebbles asks that question it doesn’t mean we’re gonna have fun right away.

First, we have to get through – and try to make sense and keep track of – all the rules she adds, makes up, and changes until the game is mangled beyond the point of recognition.

Very confusing diagram of Pebbles' game rules

The Rock and I have always puzzled over why Pebbles insists on doing this. We’ve come to the conclusion that she’s simply a FREAKIN’ CONTROL FREAK! There is no other explanation that makes sense. So, for now, we’re going with control freak.

Pebbles has mangled the rules for every game we’ve ever played with her. She’s done it to Old Maid, Crazy Eights, War, Uno and even Go Fish. Who the heck changes the rules to Go Fish? Pebbles, that’s who.

She’s completely rewritten the instructions for board games, as well. Poor Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Checkers and Monopoly. We hardly recognize you.

And lest you think she’s just a card/board game rule freak – Bingo, Hangman and Tic-Tac-Toe haven’t gotten away unscathed either.

Games with Pebbles Stone. Good times.

Watch for tomorrow’s post about about another exciting game of Twenty Questions we had tonight.

Wondering who The Rock and Pebbles are? Want to know
why we’re raising Pebbles? And who the heck is OCD Louie?
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About Mai Stone

“A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs…jolted by every pebble on the road.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher ~ A sense of humor is essential for surviving the pebbles on life’s road. Especially when they’re the size of boulders.
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6 Responses to Wanna Play a Game?

  1. Deb says:

    So I have to ask out of curiosity… how does it all work when Pebbles plays with people outside the family, her friends for instance. Does she try to change/bend the rules at those play times as well?

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    • That’s a very good question, Deb, and one I haven’t really addressed on this blog yet. I think I’ll go write a post explaining that right now. Watch for it in the next few days. Or maybe a week. Because when I say “right now” I mean I *plan* to do it right now. I *want* to do it right now. Whether or not Pebbles will need me and for how long is unpredictable. So I’ll *try* to write it right now. Anyway, watch for it. And thank you for asking. I really love telling people about Pebbles because she is an amazing little girl, with some difficult challenges. I want people to understand the difficult part so they can look past it and see the amazing part

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  2. Underdaddy says:

    I can’t even start to imagine twenty questions at my house. We may have to play that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahaha! Since I was at one time a parent of four kids I don’t have to imagine; I lived it! It got pretty wild sometimes, for sure. But none of my kids ever mangled game rules like Pebbles insists on doing.


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