Changing Face of Facebook

Dear Facebook, Why Did You Change?

Facebook logoMy relationship with my personal Facebook account isn’t what it used to be. And I’m not all that crazy about the change. I go there less often these days because wading through all the junk in my newsfeed is getting to be too exhausting and time consuming.

I still have my Facebook account. But just thinking about checking it makes me too tired to follow through.

Finding what I originally joined Facebook for, which was news and photos of family and friends, has gotten more and more like mining for gold. Endlessly sifting through the non-essential stuff to uncover the occasional nugget.

I Blame the Share Link

facebook_share_buttonI do understand that lots of people like to share the cute, witty and inspirational sayings they come across that someone else has taken the time to photo-shop into an instant Facebook status. No thinking or effort required. Just hit that Share link and BAM! Instantly shared with everyone on your Facebook friends list.

I also realize that we are now living in the Instant Gratification era, with the resultant change in the way we do a lot of things. What with microwave meals and fast food, DVRs and streaming video, texting and Instagram, and everyone on the planet (but me apparently) having a smartphone permanently affixed to some part of their body at all times, day or night, most people don’t want to do things that take much time or effort.

So Would I Change Facebook if I Could?

I don’t miss, nor would I ever want to go back to the days of snail mail. But I really would like a bit more interaction from people I care about. So, yeah, maybe I would change Facebook. If I could. But I can’t. So that’s a moot point.

With that being said, once in a while a photo-shopped Facebook status catches my eye and I enjoy its message. In particular I love lots of the someecards. I think what appeals to me about them is how much they sound, in my head, like Jack Handey’s Deep Thoughts.

Like this one:

Sometimes when I say, I'm okay, I really want someone to hold my hand and say, You're not okay. Here's a thousand dollars.

Really. I love this one so much. Money can fix so many problems. Not everything. But a lot.

Facebook and someecards – when you care enough to click Share.

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About Mai Stone

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11 Responses to Changing Face of Facebook

  1. Gibber says:

    I know what you mean!

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  2. Deb says:

    I got very tired of endless status updates that were garbage, even from my limited group of friends. I only have immediate family (kids) there now, and even at that really don’t need it for them. My two holds are the one online game I like to play there, as well as the 2nd page I created that attaches to my blog–where I now share both formal blog posts from WordPress as well as irritating status updates on stuff I find relevant. I think of it as payback for everything I had to wade through…ironically even though I have ‘no friends’ anymore, I still have a large number of followers. I always wonder if that means that some folks actually want to know what I think or that they just forgot to unlike my page 🙂

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  3. Glazed says:

    I don’t mind the memes. What I do mind is ALL the memes. Some of my FB friends share about a dozen or more a day. Wading through all of that can be irritating. Two or three a day would be a nice limit for people to establish for themselves.

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  4. julie says:

    “everybody on the planet (but me apparently) having a smartphone permanently affixed to some part of their body at all times, day or night,”—–or me. I hate this part. I can’t stand seeing people out together all staring at their phone in their hand. Especially young people. Makes me want to take their phones away. Slap em out of their hands. I accept technological advances, but i hardly embrace them. I don’t have a facebook. I don’t twitter or instagram. I read books with pages in them, when I have time to read, and I think snail mail says a lot. Especially in these times, as you pointed out. Someone took the time to go to the store, read a bunch of cards, pick one out, buy it, address it, put a stamp on it and put it in the mail. Possibly took the time to write a note (gasp!) If nothing else it says “I thought of you for more than one minute of my life.”


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