Amazon Review: Perfect Toddler iPad Case

Pebbles’ awesome grandmother bought her an iPad for Christmas.

While I may occasionally manage to pull off awesome and I am Pebbles’ grandmother, I didn’t buy her the iPad. It was my mother – who is Pebbles’ mommy’s grandmother – who gave her the iPad.

But life is confusing enough without having to explain all that to Pebbles. So, for now, Pebbles’ awesome grandmother bought her an iPad for Christmas.

So lately I’ve been on a search for a kid/liquid/peanut butter and marshmallow creme/booger/tantrum/impact-proof iPad case.

Which led me to this hilarious Amazon review written by a mother of a toddler. I love it so much that I have to share it with my readers.

i-Blason Apple iPad Air/iPad 5 ArmorBox Kido Series Light Weight Super Protection Convertable Stand Cover Case

5 star Amazon review, perfect for my kid

I purchased this for my 2 year old’s ipad (don’t judge, the Disney Jr. app is keeping me sane). I’m pretty sure it was handcrafted by unicorns. It’s the most awesome product ever. No really. EVER.

Not only can he haul it around by the nifty little handle, but he can use that grip as a shot put and the incredibly squishy material allows it to just bounce off the wall with little to no damage to anything else!

red kid-proof iPad caseOh! And the stand! I want to hug the neck of the person who thought to let the handle fold so that it can be placed in a couple of different viewing positions. I like to refer to these as the low/game play (punch the ipad in the face position) and the high/watch (let Cars lull you to sleep for the 517th time position).

So far, the ipad has been protected. (Although I think Siri is at the end of her rope… The ‘Why?’ phase is hard on us all.)

The only thing that would make this product better is if it came with a longer nap time and drink with an umbrella for Momma.

**Update 9/10/13*
Just thought I should put down my plastic wine glass and update… we’ve now had this for at least 6 months and the ipad mini is still going strong!

I will, however, strongly suggest not leaving your ipad in the hot car on a summer day for a couple of reasons. First off, aforementioned 2 year old could (did) throw a massive tantrum when Henry Hugglemonster is (was) no longer a sticky click away. And secondly, the case seemed to shrink a bit after getting hot/cold. (It now fits more like my bathing suit. Too snug and rides up in areas it never rode up before.)

It still works just fine, though. The ipad is protected, the kid is happy (minus the general two-going-on-thirteen attitude) and momma is a little less frazzled in those glorious moments that the wifi connection is working.

When will the ‘i ❤ i-Blason ArmorBox Kido Series Light Weight Super Protection Convertible Stand Cover Case’ *gasp* bumper stickers be available for order?

***Update (again) 10/27/14*
Well, I’ve come back to order another Kido Series ArmorBox case and thought I should update again. Except for the fact that my young’un has just about torn (chewed? Who the Hell knows.) the little cover over the home button, this case has been awesome and his ipad has held up beautifully. I wish I could say the same for his Momma. (I’m currently typing this through the cracked screen on my iphone while hiding out in the bathroom. He, on the other hand, is stretched out on our sofa, playing a ‘drop the shape into the hole’ game on his ipad (with the most annoying music ever), while watching Toy Story of Terror on our 57″ flat screen, eating shredded cheese and chocolate chips in his underwear and socks. I want to be reincarnated as a 3 year old.)

But back to the case… It has protected my investment through the terrible 2’s, the trying 3’s, a trip to the beach, a trip to the aquarium (and a day in the lost-in-found before we realized we’d left it behind “tucked in” to the other bed in the hotel room), enough fruit snack residue to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, the Frozen soundtrack 298759876789304 times (for the love of all things holy, Let it Go already) and an $88 iTunes shopping spree thanks to In-App purchases. It goes without saying that I do recommend this product. (I also strongly recommend birth control. Or Xanax if that fails.)

On the eve of his 4th birthday, I thought I’d let my little spitfire pick the color he’d like for his new case and he indignantly responded “Blue, orange, green and purple. I need four.”

ipad case color choicesAs much as I do love the case, let’s hope 1 orange one will get us through another year or two.

If I ever get a moment of peace, I may work on a blog! 🙂 Gotta go now, I see little fingers slipping under the bathroom door.

For the record, I haven’t decided yet which iPad case to buy. But I do know that if Mandi ever starts a blog I definitely want to follow it.

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  1. Gibber says:

    This is hilarious!! I would so follow her blog too! Hope all is going well!

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