Best Ringtone Evah!

I’m wondering if there is a Best Ringtone Evah! Award floating around the internet somewhere. Because if there is, I want to nominate one.

At my doctor’s office last month I was getting my blood drawn when the nurse got a phone call. From her pocket I heard, “WARNING! Your son is attempting to call! He probably wants money!”

Since the nurse likely didn’t want to argue with her son about money in front of patients – that and the fact that both her hands were kinda busy with my blood and stuff – she ignored the phone and let it keep ringing. So we got to enjoy hearing her cellphone warning her several more times before it went to voice mail.

I have to confess that lots of cellphone ringtones make me wanna scream. Or yank the phone out of its containing pocket, purse, backpack or hand and throw it as far away as possible.

But this one I like. So much that I’d nominate it. You know, if there’s a Best Ringtone Evah! Award.

image of cellphone surrounded by musical notes, dollar signs and warning: Yo, Mom! Hide your wallet!

Am I the only one who thinks most ringtones are gratingly obnoxious?

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3 Responses to Best Ringtone Evah!

  1. Gibber says:

    That’s funny!!


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