Your Thermostat is Where? Riiiiiight….

Dr. evil with the caption

So, I’m just wondering if I’m the only person in the history of ever who’s had this surreal experience.

Pebbles and I have spent bazillions of hours at our local Chick-fil-A and McDonald’s playgrounds. For several reasons:

  • The Rock and I are old, therefore we have no friends with kids Pebbles’ age. Playgrounds are her social life.
  • I am old. I prefer indoors, where it is temperature controlled.
  • Restaurants with indoor playgrounds are restaurants. They serve food.
  • They also provide free wifi. I get stuff done. YAY!
  • We live in a small town. These are pretty much the only (relatively) free places to take a kid.

Other than the occasional everybody-out-of-the-playground-while-it’s-being disinfected time because a toddler went down the slide with a leaking poopy diaper, our experiences at Chick-fil-A have been positive.

The outlandishly surreal experience I had was at McDonald’s.

The temperatures in the playground and the dining area are often in completely different climate zones.  From the sweltering tropical heat on summer days in the playground while the restaurant was cool and comfortable to the freezing polar temperatures in winter while diners were warm and toasty.

Several times I asked that the thermostat be adjusted and received the following responses:

  • Deer-in-headlights stare
  • Oh…… Okay……
  • Sí.
  • Sure. As soon as I have time.
  • The what?
  • I’ll have to ask my manager. (Finally. Now we’re getting somewhere.)
  • The manager’s not here right now. (What? Who exactly is running this ship?)
  • I told the manager. She’ll take care of it.
  • I told the manager. She’ll take care of it. (Yeah. That’s what you told me 45 minutes ago.)

When I FINALLY got to talk to a manager was when it got completely bizarre.

Me: It’s really hot/cold in the playground. Could you adjust the thermostat?
Manager: Sure.

Me: Remember when I asked you 30 minutes ago to adjust the thermostat?
Manager: I have to call the store owner to do that.

Me: So…remember you were gonna call the store owner?….. About adjusting the thermostat?
Manager: Oh, yeah.

Me: So remember….
Manager: Yeah. He said we’re not allowed to adjust the thermostat because it’s on the roof.
Me: It’s on the…..What? You’re kidding, right?
Manager: No. The maintenance man is the only one who can adjust it.
Me: (Sure it is. Sure he is. But whatever.) Okay. So call the maintenance man.
Manager: Oh, he’s already been here. He only comes by once a day. In the mornings.
Me: What? You know, none of this makes sens…….never mind.

So I took the only logical next step. I complained to corporate headquarters.

I know that makes me sound really smart and all. But it’s really The Rock who’s the smart one. He taught me that everyone has a boss. Even the boss has a boss. He once called Lee Iacocca. Remind me to tell you about that sometime.

So I complained to McDonald’s corporate headquarters.

The temperature thing improved. For a while. But I did receive 4 coupons for free McDonald’s Meal Deals.

So, am I the only one who’s run into this kind of mind-numbing incompetence?

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3 Responses to Your Thermostat is Where? Riiiiiight….

  1. Gibber says:

    Oh man if it didn’t affect you it would almost be comical.

    Liked by 1 person

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