How to Take Over the World

Advertisers know what they’re doing. They have a sneaky, secret plan to take over our minds and then the world. Oh, wait. That’s evil geniuses. Wrong villains.

But seriously. Advertisers know what they’re doing. That’s why they’ve always encouraged kids to beg their parents for cereal, candy, toys and the latest whatchamathingie that “all the cool kids have.” They know that enough battle-weary parents will give in to their kids’ incessant pleading and whining to keep products flying off the shelves.

Apparently some advertising firms have now decided that – since kids are natural-born salesmen – they shouldn’t be used only for begging for kid-related garbage.

That’s got to be the reason why they now place ads for products that only adults can use, understand and make decisions about buying on children’s television networks.

Case in point:

Pebbles: Momma, have you ever heard of PC Matic?
Me: Sure. I’ve seen their commerci….
Pebbles: Do you have PC Matic?
Me: No. I don’t need it. I…
Pebbles: You need PC Matic! There are bad people on the internet who want to steal your identity and your money from the bank!!
Me: You are absolutely right. There are lots of bad people in th….
Pebbles: Did you know that PC Matic can protect all your computers when you’re on the internet?
Me: Yeah. I saw their commercial. But we don’t need it bec….
Pebbles: And you only have to pay them $150 to protect all your computers. You have to get PC Matic before it’s too late!!
Me: Ooh-kaay. I’ll….have a look at it. Just as soon as I finish….doing some stuff.

Stupid, sneaky PC Matic jerks.

Next case in point:

Pebbles: Momma, do you have Life Lock?
Me: Umm. No. No I don’t.
Pebbles: You really need to get Life Lock!!
Me: Why do I need to get Life Lock?
Pebbles: Be-cause!! They keep you safe when thieves try to steal your identity!!
Me: Hmm. Maybe I don’t care if someone steals my identity. It might be kinda cool to have a new one. I’m getting kinda tired of this old one.
Pebbles: Huh?
Me: Have you been watching commercials again?
Pebbles: Yeah. I saw this one about Life Lock…
Me: Remember the talks we’ve had about advertising companies? About how their job is to make people think they can’t live without their products?
Pebbles: Yeah. But you really do need Life Lock because….
Me: Okay. I’ll have a look at it. Just as soon as I finish….doing some stuff.

Stupid, sneaky Life Lock jerks.

Thought control and brainwashing the youth. Wasn’t that how Hitler did it?
PC Matic and Lifelock logos superimposed over a swastika

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1 Response to How to Take Over the World

  1. Gibber says:

    Aha. Too bad there’s no commercials that tell you how badly you need a nap and won’t be able to live without one..

    Liked by 1 person

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