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Perfect Score

The Rock’s been a little hard to live with lately. Mainly because his head has swelled so enormously. Pebbles and I are growing a bit tired of the strutting around he’s been doing. And if I hear, “Who’s the man? … Continue reading

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Magneto and Friends in the Sky

Over at Gibber Jabberin recently the comments somehow got waaay off topic. Actually the comments always get waaay off topic. If you haven’t discovered Gibber Jabberin’s crazy Q&A blog yet you really should check it out. It’s more fun that adults … Continue reading

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Baby Pebbles and Her Uncle Xander

I thought you might like a little “Awwwww….” in your day. ‘Cause that’s what I get whenever I look at these photos of baby Pebbles and her uncle Xander. It’s moments like these that have gotten us through the bad … Continue reading

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Has Your Kid Ever Fallen in an Open Grave?

I bet that title got your attention. Maybe gave you some unpleasant feelings, as well. Welcome to my reality. Underdaddy recently made a comment that got me thinking about how…um…how should I put this…uniquely different my children are. From the … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Wish For. Or Even Wonder About.

When The Rock and I were raising our four wild kids I often wondered, wistfully, what it would be like to raise an only child. I love each and every one of our kids, and have always considered it a … Continue reading

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Meet Magneto

If you’ve read my About my Blog page you know that for the purpose of the blog I call my oldest son Magneto. To find out why you can go read about that right now. It’s okay. I’ll wait till … Continue reading

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