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I’m Not Sure Where I’m Going But if You’d Like to Tag Along, Follow Me

So I’ve been told I should promote my blog. I’ve debated forever whether or not to do it. OCD Louie, as usual, has turned it into a living nightmare. OCD Louie: Are ya sure ya really want to promote your … Continue reading

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A Cool Title Capitalization Tool

Why Do Title Capitalization Rules Have to Be So Complex? I never gave too much thought to proper title capitalization until I started writing a blog. But OCD Louie has chosen this as yet another of his annoying campaigns for … Continue reading

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OCD Louie Makes Me Look Up! Look Up! Look Up!

I just realized I haven’t mentioned OCD Louie for awhile. That’s because he comes and he goes. In and out my life. (Does anyone besides me hear the Four Tops singing Sugar Pie Honey Bunch?) I’ve previously mentioned that I’m … Continue reading

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Awesome Blog Alert #2 – Jabberin’ with Gibber and the Gibberites

I recently discovered a truly awesome blog. Gibber (with a J) Jabberin is the genius behind…um…Gibber Jabberin. Gibber Jabberin is a question and answer blog. But it’s not like any Q&A blog I (and possibly you) have ever seen. It’s … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger Post: Pebbles’ Joke

Pebbles: Do you know how to make a tissue dance? Dan: No. How? Pebbles: You put a little boogie in it, Dan!!  Note to readers: Dan is one of Pebbles’ Minecraft friends. See his photo below. He is so excited … Continue reading

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Can You Use the Words Spam, Useful and SEO in a Sentence?

Useful Spam and SEO. Who Knew? So far I’ve been lucky. I only get an occasional message in my blog account’s spam folder. There haven’t been any offers for Viagra or secrets for improving my sex life or promises of … Continue reading

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Awesome Blog Alert

Underdaddy to the Rescue If you haven’t yet discovered Underdaddy’s blog you really must hurry on over there and discover it now. Underdaddy blogs about his life surrounded by females. All females. Even the family dog is female. While sharing … Continue reading

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To Promote or Not to Promote? That is the (Nagging OCD) Question.

Ever since starting this blog I’ve been trying to decide whether or not I should promote it on social networking sites in order to reach a wider audience. I’ve made some stabs at it –  signed up for Twitter, Facebook … Continue reading

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A Crystal Ball Could Really, Really Improve My Blog Stats

Guess What my Blog Stats and Charles Manson’s Marriage Have in Common If only I had a crystal ball that would let me see next week’s news. My blog stats would be off the charts. You may have read or … Continue reading

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“WHY Is Herobrine on Your BLOG??!!”**

A few minutes ago Pebbles eyes lit up as she excitedly exclaimed, “WHY is Herobrine on your BLOG?!!” Nothing here ever interests her; she thinks it’s dullsville, man. Kinda like me. She certainly never expected to see anything Minecraft related. … Continue reading

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Why Are You Following Me?

No, I don’t mean like a stalker. Um, at least I don’t think you’re stalking me. Are you? Hmm. Okay. Maybe I’m a little paranoid. But I digress. I’m just wondering why you’re following my blog. As I watch my … Continue reading

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The Ever Changing Face of My Blog is OCD Louie’s Fault

If you are one of the few people who follow my blog you may have noticed that I’ve been experimenting with WordPress themes. And you’re probably thinking, “What the heck’s going on? Why does she keep changing stuff? Why can’t … Continue reading

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Nominated for a Liebster! I’d Like to Thank the Academy….

Have you been nominated for a Liebster Award? What the heck is a Liebster Award, anyway? Read my post and learn what it is, what its purpose is, and most important of all. . . .what you’re supposed to do with it once you’ve been nominated. Continue reading

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Do You Ever Wonder About a Blogger’s Gender?

Don’t let the title fool you. This post is really about my little buddy, OCD Louie, and the havoc he’s been causing me about my blog. You should meet Louie. You’ll probably like him better than I do. Continue reading

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Meet My Little Friend OCD Louie

I’m pretty sure I have a touch of OCD. I’ve never been officially diagnosed, but I’m pretty sure I have a little nagging, whiny OCD gene floating around in my head that pops up at the most inconvenient times. Like … Continue reading

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