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Pebbles Mangles Twenty Questions

In the car last night, about 20 minutes from home, we played a Pebbles Stone version of Twenty Questions. Which means the rules were mangled beyond recognition. This was the weirdest one yet. Pebbles: This is gonna be the Alphabet … Continue reading

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Wanna Play a Game?

When Pebbles asks that question it doesn’t mean we’re gonna have fun right away. First, we have to get through – and try to make sense and keep track of – all the rules she adds, makes up, and changes … Continue reading

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Playing Twenty Questions with Pebbles – an Exercise in Futility

When we play Twenty Questions with Pebbles the person who is It states the beginning letter of the object they’re thinking of. Our way of sneaking in homeschool under the guise of fun. Pebbles: Okay. I’m thinking of something that … Continue reading

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