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Can It Be?

Can it be, can it be? Can it be what I see? Do I actually see a face on a tree? Click the pics to see this bad boy up close and personal. Yep. It’s really a face. On a … Continue reading

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Pebbles’ Winter Jokes and Snow Day, Texas-Style

We have snow in Texas today so I guess all the frozen white stuff has put Pebbles in a wintery-jokey type mood. Here are two she told me today. Pebbles: What do you call a frozen hamburger? Me: I don’t … Continue reading

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Awesome Blog Alert #2 – Jabberin’ with Gibber and the Gibberites

I recently discovered a truly awesome blog. Gibber (with a J) Jabberin is the genius behind…um…Gibber Jabberin. Gibber Jabberin is a question and answer blog. But it’s not like any Q&A blog I (and possibly you) have ever seen. It’s … Continue reading

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Guest Blogger Post: Pebbles’ Joke

Pebbles: Do you know how to make a tissue dance? Dan: No. How? Pebbles: You put a little boogie in it, Dan!!  Note to readers: Dan is one of Pebbles’ Minecraft friends. See his photo below. He is so excited … Continue reading

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Tell Daddy You’re Sorry!

The Rock is amazing in so many ways and I love him dearly. But he does have this one extremely annoying personality flaw that I suspect he shares with many men. In the car he’s an ABSOLUTE. CONTROL. FREAK. He … Continue reading

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Has Your Kid Ever Fallen in an Open Grave?

I bet that title got your attention. Maybe gave you some unpleasant feelings, as well. Welcome to my reality. Underdaddy recently made a comment that got me thinking about how…um…how should I put this…uniquely different my children are. From the … Continue reading

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Awesome Blog Alert

Underdaddy to the Rescue If you haven’t yet discovered Underdaddy’s blog you really must hurry on over there and discover it now. Underdaddy blogs about his life surrounded by females. All females. Even the family dog is female. While sharing … Continue reading

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Why Attorneys Are Reluctant to Put Children on the Witness Stand

Several months ago Pebbles and I were spending a few days visiting my parents. While they were out one day their handyman showed up to do some minor repairs. Pebbles decided to check up on Handyman Kevin as he went … Continue reading

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One Cool Kid in a Dark Car with a GPS Unit Equals Awesome Spooky Photo Op

Pebbles was playing with Nuvi recently as we drove home in the dark. We named our Garmin GPS unit Nuvi because she’s a Nuvi model. And we refer to her as a female. Because Nuvi sounds like either a name … Continue reading

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Two Words. Always Proofread.

I have to confess that I’m a bit of a Grammar Nazi. Okay, not just a bit. A whole lot. And a spelling, punctuation, capitalization and paragraph freak, as well. It isn’t really my fault, though. These just happen to … Continue reading

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Playing Twenty Questions with Pebbles – an Exercise in Futility

When we play Twenty Questions with Pebbles the person who is It states the beginning letter of the object they’re thinking of. Our way of sneaking in homeschool under the guise of fun. Pebbles: Okay. I’m thinking of something that … Continue reading

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Her Compliments Went Downhill as the Day Wore On

Recently Pebbles told The Rock, “I hope I’m just like you when I grow up.” One of the absolute BEST EVER compliments a parent can hear from their kid. The Rock: Really? Why? Pebbles: Because you’re funny. I hope I’m … Continue reading

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Do You Ever Wonder About a Blogger’s Gender?

Don’t let the title fool you. This post is really about my little buddy, OCD Louie, and the havoc he’s been causing me about my blog. You should meet Louie. You’ll probably like him better than I do. Continue reading

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Meet My Little Friend OCD Louie

I’m pretty sure I have a touch of OCD. I’ve never been officially diagnosed, but I’m pretty sure I have a little nagging, whiny OCD gene floating around in my head that pops up at the most inconvenient times. Like … Continue reading

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Read About Me. You Know You Want To.

Wondering . . . . . . . . .why my blog is named Pebbles on the Road? . . . .how I’m softening life’s jolts. . . one pebble at a time? . . . .why I started this … Continue reading

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