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Mommy, What’s a C-O-N-D-….?

I just read a post over at Underdaddy.com that got me thinking about how thankful I am that Pebbles is a late bloomer in the reading department. You might want to have a look at The Buttery Hole first. You … Continue reading

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Left Brain vs. Right Brain. Who Wins?

I mentioned in April that The Rock, Pebbles and I were far away from home getting treatment for Pebbles. And in May I told you a little bit about the STAR Center in Denver where we took her. But I … Continue reading

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The Very Best Reason

I owe everyone who follows my blog a huge apology. I’ve been MIA from the blogosphere lately. I’m pretty sure there isn’t anyone out there who absolutely lives for my blog posts. So at least I don’t have the guilt … Continue reading

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Super Fun at the County Fair with Sensory Processing Disorder

The Rock and I took Pebbles to the county fair recently. Pebbles loves the fair. She’s a total daredevil. She loves rides that make The Rock and me lose our lunch. Like this horrendous thing. That’s Pebbles in the striped … Continue reading

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The Puzzling Paradox That is Pebbles

Our granddaughter Pebbles has been difficult almost since birth. She is a screamer. Those four words so inadequately describe what we have gone through and still deal with, although (thankfully) to a much lesser extent now than when she was … Continue reading

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