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Magnificent Yellowstone Part Four – Birds (and a Dog – Sort Of)

(click photos to view full size) A magnificent pair of trumpeter swans The Rock helping Pebbles make a new friend. No matter how many ways I explained to Pebbles that this dog was painted on the side of this RV … Continue reading

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Perfect Score

The Rock’s been a little hard to live with lately. Mainly because his head has swelled so enormously. Pebbles and I are growing a bit tired of the strutting around he’s been doing. And if I hear, “Who’s the man? … Continue reading

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Can It Be?

Can it be, can it be? Can it be what I see? Do I actually see a face on a tree? Click the pics to see this bad boy up close and personal. Yep. It’s really a face. On a … Continue reading

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Guess What This Photo is Saying or Oops! We Did it Again

You know that saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words?” Wanna guess what this picture is saying? If you can’t see it right there in the tiny caption I’ll tell you. It’s saying, “Yikes! Only two clonidine left! It’s … Continue reading

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Looks Can Be Deceiving

You can’t always trust your eyes. They don’t always see the whole picture. See this pup? See those deep, soulful eyes and that alert, intelligent expression? You’d think she would grow up to be an amazing dog, wouldn’t you? Surely, … Continue reading

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The Lazy, Nasty, Thieving Bullies of the Buzzard World. (Warning: Strong Stomach Required)

If you’ve lived in a city all your life you probably think of buzzards differently than country people do. Living on a farm has taught me to appreciate these horridly ugly birds. Buzzards, along with coyotes, maggots and miscellaneous insects, … Continue reading

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Tell Daddy You’re Sorry!

The Rock is amazing in so many ways and I love him dearly. But he does have this one extremely annoying personality flaw that I suspect he shares with many men. In the car he’s an ABSOLUTE. CONTROL. FREAK. He … Continue reading

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Christmas With Pebbles

Pebbles said, “Take a picture of me looking at the tree like this.” (Um, Underdaddy. Did you notice the BOO sticker still on the window from Halloween?) I may have mentioned a time or two that Pebbles is not a … Continue reading

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Brass Knuckles at the Gun Show, Violent Toys and Kid-Free Time.

So The Rock and Pebbles went to a local gun show recently. First, let me say that I absolutely LOVE that The Rock and Pebbles enjoy doing things together. He’s such an amazing daddy and I feel so blessed to … Continue reading

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Her Compliments Went Downhill as the Day Wore On

Recently Pebbles told The Rock, “I hope I’m just like you when I grow up.” One of the absolute BEST EVER compliments a parent can hear from their kid. The Rock: Really? Why? Pebbles: Because you’re funny. I hope I’m … Continue reading

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There Are Some Things Kids Just Don’t Need to Know

I’ve always believed that it’s important to fill kids’ minds with information. When my own kids were growing up I introduced them to new ideas, concepts and facts to stimulate their minds and tried my best to answer their gazillion … Continue reading

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