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Guest Blogger Post: Pebbles’ Joke

Pebbles: Do you know how to make a tissue dance? Dan: No. How? Pebbles: You put a little boogie in it, Dan!!  Note to readers: Dan is one of Pebbles’ Minecraft friends. See his photo below. He is so excited … Continue reading

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Will Microsoft Sound the Death Knell for Minecraft?

Microsoft Buys Minecraft You know that saying, “No news is good news?” Well, I heard some news recently that, in my world, can’t possibly be good news. I heard that Microsoft bought Mojang, the company that owns, distributes and keeps … Continue reading

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“WHY Is Herobrine on Your BLOG??!!”**

A few minutes ago Pebbles eyes lit up as she excitedly exclaimed, “WHY is Herobrine on your BLOG?!!” Nothing here ever interests her; she thinks it’s dullsville, man. Kinda like me. She certainly never expected to see anything Minecraft related. … Continue reading

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Pebbles and I Made a Minecraft Halloween Costume. OCD Louie Helped.

Remember I promised in this post that I’d post photos of Pebbles Halloween costume? Remember how I told you that OCD Louie drives me nuts with his incessant nagging and whining? That he forces me to turn every project, no … Continue reading

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Playing Twenty Questions with Pebbles – an Exercise in Futility

When we play Twenty Questions with Pebbles the person who is It states the beginning letter of the object they’re thinking of. Our way of sneaking in homeschool under the guise of fun. Pebbles: Okay. I’m thinking of something that … Continue reading

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Remember When I Told You . . .

. . . that Pebbles is a screamer? Seriously. I don’t know why this child’s screams haven’t shattered all our windows. They should be measured on the Richter Scale. We actually tried to have that done. Here are the results. … Continue reading

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